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Black hole eh! And heading to Florida

Yup! I'm still alive! It's been much too long for me being away from LJ Land! The anxiety is sinkin in. I HAD to sleep this morning after getting the sister in law and family to the airport by 4:00 am for their flight. Now we have to scramble to bug out in an hour to get to the Montreal airport for our 4:30 pm flight.

Eyes have been a burden where bright lights are concerned. It's been a long hunt for a super dark pair of sunglasses but even with them it seems to be more a case of keeping the eyes cool. I think it's moreso rapidly changing focus that causes me problems now. So driving is NOT good times. Really hoping things keep improving. They have been, and I'm told that a month is pretty normal for PRK patients.

Anywhoo, perhaps I'll get some thumb typing in at the airport. Until then. May the schwartz be with you!

Ps... Really gonna miss my best buds fit_girl_jessy :( I got something in my eye ;( and corto. Hope he has a successfully relaxing trip himself.

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