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Sore Shoulders, and a Day for Feds to Whine...
So, being a federal employee I finally get my one day a year to be whiney about not getting the day off like the rest of the province, including my wife and kids.  gotta love how they bring in a day like Family Day and most families don't actually get to spend it together... Can't we just face reality and make it official FTD (F@#$ The Dog) day.  way too much of a span during the crappiest time of the year to not have a holiday.

So a friend of mine introduced me to the video for Hedley's Don't talk to Strangers... Giggity goo!!!!  hmmm, something about that MILF reminds me of someone... Tee Hee.  yeah.  it would be a real shame to be locked up in her basement and being served cupcakes.... mmmmmm cupcakes.  don't let her know all it would take is cupcakes to make me stay ;)

GAD!!! my shoulder's are STILL killing me.  Really hoping that fit_girl_jessy 's shoulders aren't still hurting THIS bad.  good timing on a day off for you.  I'm thinking I'll be safer at the bank at lunch tomorrow figuring out if I can screw around with my finances enough to convince the wife that I can get the Lasik.  Crappy time Financially, but if it's a matter of a few months payments to have it done for the floriday trip... sweeeeeeet.

I'm thinking of going for the one that does not involve the flap.  I think I figured out why they leave the decision up to the patient here.  the flap procedure is much less healing and pain time, but it's potentially yuckier.  apparently the flap basically only heals around the outside edge and doesn't always heal all that well.  I don't think it's all that damaging if it doesn't but it makes for ongoing maintenance.  The other one involves them putting a temporary contac lense over the scarred area of your eye to let it heal nicely but they give you lots of fun drugs for a reason.  Ever see the episode of the simpsons when homer got laser eye surgery?  and then he didn't take the free drops because he thought it was a scam and his eyes crusted over.  yeah... it's like that. 8-(

anywhoo... better head to bed.  hoping for an empty office and productive day tomorrow... gotta have one of those SOON.

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I feel great!!

Hope you have a great day at work!

I love Hedley, they rock ;)

Gotta hate how we always need more money.. :P

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