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OK... Regretting not blogging more.

So it's the second last day in NS and I haven't blogged about it! Luckily I have been taking pics to keep the memories fresh though. Today however was probably my favorite day - second only to the day I accomplished task number one; visiting my best bud Bruce! Miss you already guy!
Today started last night, when I mentioned that I wanted to check out a cafe here in Dartmouth, Two if By Sea. I had seem this cafe profiled in a web series "Common Grounds". Can't wait to see watch the rest of these guys journey across Canada in search of coffee greatness. Anyways, Connor's eyes lit up! "CAFE!!! you mean coffee!?!?!" apparently my boy has become as obsessed with coffee as I have without even having drank more than a few sips. I made the mistake of telling him years ago that he can't start drinking coffee until he's in grade 4; like me! That's when instated getting up in the morning on weekends and turning on the pot for my parents, which quickly changed to me prepping the brew the night before. Yeah... None of us knew better than! Scoop it from the can the night before and hope for the best in the morning. We didn't have a fancy timer brewer when I was a kid. So I became the timer. Started drinking it as well. My parents didn't put up much of a fight. I think it may have settled me at the time. (old time cure for what they label ADHD nowadays.)
So now Connor is going into grade 5. Uh oh. He keeps remembering what I told him.
I get up in the morning and shuffle about, sitting and doing things I won't describe further, when I hear someone talking to Andrea. Then I hear crying. Then I hear "Daddy left without me!!!!" Oh boy... I pipe up. "I'm in the washroom!" "sniff sniff... Oh".
"You gonna get dressed?" BOOM! fastest I've seen the boy move in a long time. Since xmus morning I think. We hop in the car and head down the street. I can't believe how close we were to this place! I got the Zane Special, which is an espresso shot, followed by a Machiato. AMAZING.

Connor got an equally amazing hot chocolate complete with Latte art.

We also got some kick ass prosciutto and cheese croissants. Un freaking believable. Here's Connor enjoying his with his new Sock Monkey Buddy "Peanut Butter".

The sock monkey was a whole story on it's own. At the table beside us was a fella with his two young sons. Cute little fellas. And their eyes were locked on the sock monkey. They even wandered over for a closer look. Of course Connor was as inviting as ever to the youngsters. He likes playing the "awesome big kid" and he's quite good at it. The father was a little apologetic; I quickly eased that by telling him where I got the sock monkeys. I'm quite certain that became his next stop. While they were leaving they walked by the open window we were sitting at; eyes never leaving Connor and Peanut Butter. Connor quickly held up his sock monkey and made it look like he was waving. The lads lit up and waved back with so much enthusiasm, I'm pretty sure the lady at the table beside us on the other side was going to cry. "Oh My God, that is so CUTE!!!". That's my boy. :)

So we finished off our goodies and I went back up to the cash to order a coffee for the road and some hot chocolate and a croissant for the girls. I said to the girl at the cash "I'm in trouble if I come back bragging about this place without some for them." she responded with a smile; "We get that a lot".

We'll be going back tomorrow.

For now, I'll head to dreamland remembering this day and hoping for even better tomorrow. BBQ at my brothers fir our last night in NS. Also a reminder to myself to talk about the river at my Mom's Trailer.


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