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New TV... Is it Brogging or Blagging

What better reason to get back into the blogging scene then to brag... Hense the query in the subject. Hmmmmmm

Anywhoo. Got me some Futureshop bucks with our years of owning a CIBC Aerogold visa and put it down on a shiny new Sharp Aquos Quattron 46" LED TV. All together now

OH MY!!!

Appears the best I'll get on that one is $100 off. New models are on their way in and with all the badness in Japan, prices for anything with a panel is NOT going down.

Tonight, I rest in giddy anticipation as I will be picking it up tomorrow on the way home. Hoping this headache will give me enough of a break to find comfort. This is some weird ass weather we're seeing in the greater Ottawa area. I was waiting for a frackin twister to form as I'm pretty sure it reached over 20 degrees around supper. Connor came home from a bike ride with tales of sandstorms tearing his face and his buddies legs apart like sharpened pencils.

I really gotta stop saying I should blog more and just do it. ;)

Later... Hopefully not too much later this time.

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It's nice to see ya. :D

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