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Rainy Week Off
So weather has been totally f'n with me this week.  we wanted to hit Calypso Water Park but pretty much every day we thought about it, Thunder Storms.  Weather has just been freakish this week.  I'm curious if the Solar Flare earlier this week is effecting things.  I've seen reports that it DID in fact raise the temp of the earth a bit.  I'm guessing a full global degree or two could definitely cause issues.

Meh,  Hopefully the weather improves Monday for a chance to go with the gang from work.  gonna be awesome... a bunch of 30 somethings acting like foos.  I don't know if we're all 30 something yet, but I'll say it anyways to make myself feel better about almost being 40 something.

Bitchen kitchen... ooooooooh weeee, what up with that, what up with that???  sure there may be some sort of appeal to it if you atch it long enough, which I've yet to do, but the wife has.  It's like "ay oh, I'm really hot, but I'm gonna do myself up like a bronx vampire in a pretty apron... ayyyyy, I'm cookin' 'ere!!!!"  How does someone get the nod with a show like this?  I'm confused... but suspiciously intrigued.  apparently she's been hailed as the Julia Child of the Internet.  hmmmm, we'll give her a chance.

Went to the museum of Natural History today with the Fam.  Sarah won "quote of the day" while we parked and she stepped out of the car leading the way to the museum's front doors as nobody else was sure where to go... follow the 6 year old... "The Museum used to be REALLY boring, so they made it better."  and indeed they did.  they actually have a plethora of exhibits compared to what they had before.  I think the place has been under construction since I moved to Ottawa.

Rogers - From Hell's heart, I stab at thee... For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee..  they have a great relationship with Apple and have succesfuly pissed off about 99% of their existing iPhone users.  I never realized how much of a fanboy I was until I went through withdrawal of the iphone 4... can you call it withdrawal if you haven't had one.  I think I may have mentioned my mistake of fondling a demo a few days ago.  eeerrrggggg....

Diary of a wimpy Kid is a great movie.  It really does seem to dive into the head of the young boy - where those things that seem so important in life, aren't deceptively important yet.  Watching Connor take in the movie was pretty cool.  he loves the books, so to see him in awe of the words being played out was pretty funny.

The more I use Twitter, the more I wish Facebook had less too it.  I think what I'll do for now is post the link to my blog in twitter - which then replicates to facebook through the miracle of television - when I have an update.  hopefully I can quickly figure out the link to a particular entry.  I learn quick, but I prefer things you can quickly learn.

Candied Bacon... hmmmm, you may have piqued my interest Nadia G.

Oooh ooh... Coffee!!!!!

I've been experimenting with a "My Rotisserie".... like so:

It roasts SLOOOOWWWWWWW.  I've read that it reaches about 400 degrees.  Ideally I try to shoot for 450, but the results have been pretty good.  perhaps a slow roast is the way to go.  I may try tweakin but for now I'll play with it as is.  maybe do a little lining to keep the heat closer to the beans.

Order from came in today... about 32 hours after I ordered it.  god I love that company.  box contained 25 lbs of coffee - Kenya, Papua New Guinee what I call "Poor man's Blue Mountain", El Salvador and Costa Rican.  starting with the CR as that's a new one for me.  roasted that up in the device above so it will be good to go some time tomorrow, but I'll likely get to it Sunday.  need to let the coffee rest.  My experience is try for at least 24 hours before brew, otherwise it retains a "green" taste by not degassing enough.

Wipeout... this is better than Family Game Night.  watching people wreck themselves is awesome.  always cringe when some poor gal bends in half the wrong way and kicks herself in the back of the head.  The Big Balls are awesome for that.  I really hope I get to see some friends that have "Said" they applied get on the show.  Kids LOVE this show!  and I think it's probably good to watch because they are probably less likely to try something stupid because it looks like it hurts even if you are landing in water or on 5 feet of cushioning. 

Anyways.  better scoot and get my butt to bed.  hoping for a call from a local Rogers and I'll have to RUN if they do.  fingers crossed.

Good Night and Big Balls!

oooh, ooh... ps - this season of Chuck is going to ROCK.  Dolf Lundgren, and Lou Ferrigno already lined up for guest spots.  sweeeeeet.  The producers of this show soooo watch too much tv in the 80s.  Perfect fit for me.

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This was nice.
- and I'm looking forward to Chuck.
We're all crawling through Stargate Atlantis (the entire show, from S01E01 etc... ) :)

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