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iPhone LJ app

So if you're anything like me you were wondering... Yay, new LJ app! Better check for the update. Nope. Not there. Perhaps a product of being Canadian and it hasnt trickled to all the app stires yet. Ill wait... And wait... And. Hmmm another message bragging about the new version. Hey look, link to te app store, and it brings up the new version. Wait an minute! Yup. Both Apple and the App developers dropped the ball here. Both versions there as two seperate apps. Fantastic.

Anyways. Loaded it up... On my 3G :( still no iPhone 4. And im impressed. Browsing friends posts and stuff. But i seem to have some of thw same complaints as others. No spell check, and to read coments you have to click a link that opens safari. Hopefully updates will come quicker than this one, but it was quite the jump with functionality. So ill say good work lads!

On the twitter thing. Yeah, concensus seems to be "dont do it". There seems to be talk of a dark time when people were inundated by consolidated Tweets in their friends blog posts. Made for less pleasurable reading. So ill leave it as is and just work on my habbits.

Anywhoo. Not much to rant about other than that. I will mention that i had an Amazing time with the family visiting fit_girl_jessy and her boys for a beach picnic. Impressed some onlookers with my impersonation of a waterlogged flying gingerbread man as i got flung from the tube on the river. Pretty sure my head was submerged 4 or 5 times. I'll try to throw uo some pics soon.

For now, i bid thee goodnight.

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yeah... the app thing... i didn't check out the new one's "posting" feature... that's what I used the old one for... to post pictures from my phone into my journal.
However, I'm glad i can review FPs on the new version. :D

Sounds line fun at the beach... waterproof camera man will prevail. :)

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