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iWANT iPhone!!!!! and Twitter
Me thoughts I could handle the emptiness that I would need to deal with after not acquiring an iPhone 4 today, but the void is too deep.  I made the mistake of fondling a demo unit at the last Rogers store I solicited (Groveled) at tonight.  so thin... so slick... so fast... so camera-ee.  I regret now not being a total fan-boy uber nerd and camping out over night at the Apple Store.  nobody has any clue as to when stock will be refreshed and when they are they'll disappear like ... a really fast... thing... that you tried to catch.. and errr, missed.  yeah.

I could settle for a 16 GB model, and I could have likely grabbed one tonight at the Apple Store, but I'm holding out for a 32.  mainly because of the HD Video.  gonna need space to record lots of embarrassing video of my kids to use as bribes later on in their adolescent life.  Screw the Cloud.  I wanna hoard as much Data as I can.  Storage is cheep, the cloud should just be a backup.  bandwidth aint there yet.  lets not kill the web before it reaches middle age.

Twitter - never liked it until I started following a select few individuals.  @wilw (Wil Wheaton) - still hasn't accepted his fame, but seems to be enjoying the ride. @alyankovic - he had me with a tweet that read "I'm growing a beard for a movie.  I thought it would be cool to show up at Toy Story 3 with one.  @peeweeherman - I mean, come on... Pee Wee Herman.  He's on his way back.  These three actually carry on some fun conversations.  been obsessing about the iphone 4 so I've been able to follow alot of coverage from some good geeky Twits on that exact subject.  which brings me to the point - if you are interested in anything, there's a Twit for it.  Local city alerts, upcoming entertainment inside scoops, news before the news gets it. 

Anyhoo... I gotta get going and setup for an episode of Doctor Who with the wife.  One reason I keep her around.  Hard to find one that will watch the Doctor with you.

Sarah WAS going to have a sleepover tonight, but her friend... as usual... decided at the last minute that she was scared or some crap like that and she doesn't want to stay now... once again... breaking my little girls heart.  I hate seeing her so hurt over such a silly thing, but it's getting quite old.  gonna have to train the wife to avoid the opportunities.  Play dates and kick her out.  meh, we have some family fun on the beach planned for tomorrow anyways.  she'll put it all behind her in no time.

again... Anywhoo... off to setup.  and ponder relentlessly as to how I will obtain the precious iPhone 4.... before the geeky novelty wears thinner.... not likely any time soon.

Good night and BIG BALLS!!!!!!

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My friend out in Toronto bought 7 iphones today......

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