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Hmmmm, so my LJ dedication has been pathetic, but it's a community I wanna stay with. My question to the masses: is there a way to send your twitter tweets to LJ in the form of - a days tweets would come in as an update to a daily blog post. Not a blogpost for every Tweet. Never really got Twitter until recently and I really enjoy just posting quickndirty thoughts as the day progresses. If anyone has a preferred method, shout it out!

Thanks in advance.
PS, twitter alias is the same as here. "weebsurfer".

Goodnight all! Hug someone that loves you! Apparently some people need to be reminded!

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I have seen someone do it, but how I don't know!

I'll ask in my evening post and see if someone pony's up with the plan... I know there's a way. :)

So I've seen a couple ideas on doing it, but not really anything that sounds easy enough to bother with... but mostly I'm wondering if it is a good idea. apparently it can be an ugly thing and folks don't appreciate the choppy nature of it. guess I'll have to consider being better on the LJ commitment and mini-url back to the entries from twitter. seems to be the trend.

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