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BBQed Coffee
Finally did it.  I've crafted my new coffee roasting apparatus.  I've seen a few posts about the ether about others doing this by either buying a contraption to hook up to their BBQ, or fashion their own out of whatever they can find.  I chose the latter of the two options because I'm a bit of a Macgyver wannabe and I'm also cheap as hell. ;)

So here's the story:

went to Dollarama and bought a couple of unpainted steel or aluminum... whatever... they didn't appear coated... waste paper baskets.  I figured these were just about the perfect size.  it thought it would be as simple as cutting off the top of one of them and squeezing the circle a bit smaller at the top and put the bottom of the second one on to top it off.  errrrrr.... not so much.  tried that and the shape I ended up with was like a really swell cylinder with a hard-on.  ended up having to cut the bottom off both and creating a cylinder out of the basket metal after that.  I wish I took more pics along the process, but here's the first one I thought to take:

at this stage I had just slammed it all together and relied on the rotiserie forks to hold everything in place.
I put one tumbler flap inside that I fashioned out of a piece of the other basket.  This pic is after I had riveted  the other bottom on and actually made a hinged door for easy filling and emptying:

All that was left was figuring out how to keep it closed, so I ran to home depot to grab a couple lock latches, or whatever they're called - too lazy to go look at the package right now :)
so for now, here's the final product... just going to need a little minor grinding to make things fit a little better and perhaps grab or create a couple leaf springs to hold the latches shut.

And here's the results of all my hard work... I only call it hard.  It was pretty fun.  I was all giddy finally getting to use my pop-rivet gun after buying it 2 or 3 years ago ;)

A weeee bit darker then I am used to but not too bad.  actually did a second batch in hopes of mixing a lighter roast with these ones, but ended up missing the point at which I should have taken them out.  they were lighter, but not a light as I wanted.  I'll likley be sharing some beans with some other coffee lovers at work.  a lot of them like a dark roast.

I did a pound at a time with these.  I may get ambitious and try 2 next time.

Anxiously awaiting the outcome offit_girl_jessy 's Race this morning.