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Fixing my crappy walkway, cooking ribs and cub camp.
Good productive weekend.... at least one of the days was.
finally got ambitious yesterday and started lifting the patio stones at the front step.  while pulling up and tipping over the second stone... crrraaacckkkk!!!!  yay. friggin 2 X 3 foot patio stone is not a 1 X 2 and 2 X 2.  luckily I have several smaller stones that I acquired a couple years ago and decided to finally make use of those.  which was good because the remaining 2 stones were rotten on the bottom.  Friggin builders and the bums they contract for these jobs.  the slabs were plopped down on top of nothing but mud, which in turn eventually rotted them.  if they had of put down just a few bags worth of stone down they'd have probably lasted 10 more years, but alas, that would be an added $15 of expense... what am I thinking... I'm buying a house here.  it's all about cutting corners to save a few bucks here and there... and there... and there... and oh yeah, that support beam... yeah,... and don't forget that quality contractor grade primer they put on EVERY THING... including the crappy pillar at my front door that is now peeled and rotten as well.  gaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

Sarah Helping Daddy with the front step.

Anywhoo... through down some black earth, seed and fertilizer in hopes that enough grass will grow and outnumber the weeds that we're no longer allowed to take a direct assult agains because too many people over use, or use incorrectly, weed control.  I miss the look of wilting dandelions. now the field in back of us is overrun with them.... and those prickly little buggers that you need chainmail leather gloves to pick them.  how friggin defensive does a weed have to get!

Golf Wednesday With corto and company was excellent.  as he said... 10th hole became VERY wet, but it blew over enough to start the next hole and by the time we took our second shot there it was over.  phew.  There's a definite pattern evolving with our work golf tournaments... a very wet pattern.

Corto and I enjoying the shelter of our Golf Cart in the rain. Corto observing his awesome skills of capturing the perfect moment... mmmmhmmm ;)

Speaking of which... pictures... Gotta sync the phone.... grrrrr, there's gotta be a way to cut back the backup time of my iphone.  seriously!  why backup everything if I have my full library on my PC anyways?  gotta be a setting I'm too lazy to look for.

dehydration sucks.  lifting those 2 X 3 stones and walking them to the back yard one by one at the end of the job gave me the most painful muscle cramp my arms have EVER experienced!!!!!  

Tomorrow is a day off for me.  second of 2 compressed days that I was owed from a month or two ago.  I had plans to plan out a good productive / lazy day, but the planning process never really happened.  instead I crashed on the couch after supper.

Supper was WONDERFUL.  took some advice of a friend on the process of cooking RIBS.  wrapped them up in foil after a good dose of rub and set them at 250 F for a few hours, at which point them are ready to slather with sauce and throw on the grill.  friggin FELL off the bone.  I had to be careful flipping them on the grill.  one bone just flew out and down into the depths of BBQ hell.  they were GREAT.  I really must work on a rub recipe of my own though. 

PS, my new apron ROCKS!
My new Apron ROCKS! Sis-in-law got a feebee and though of me. ;)

Picked up the boy from Cub Camp this morning.  luckily we arrived early and avoided the big rush which involved hundreds of parents being told to pick up their bundles of joy at 11:00... what a circus that was.  glad to leave it behind when we did.  So even though they got rained on all weekend, the lads had a great time.  Connor was NOT happy about going on friday.  it took some convincing and bribing and threatening, but he eventually changed his mood, especially when we convinced him that they would not just be "Talking about trees" all weekend ;)  yup, the Beaver / Cub camp last month was NOT fun.

anywhoo.  gotta finish off this day and crawl into bed... see if I can trick the wife into a little snuggle time.

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That apron is very becoming on you!

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