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A truely sucky saturday night...
It appears I may have caught a case of iphone-f@#$-up-itis.  I've been running the black rain hack on my phone for as long as it's been available for the previous firmware - been avoiding the new firmware.  it breaks the hack :(  anywhoo.  I've had very little problems with it, but I have been tolerating the speed of the phone.  there's a bit of a performance hit with the winterboard themes.  makes things look cool, and you can tweak the heck out of the interface, but sloooooowwwwww response times on that weee little home button.

I removed Winterboard earlier today with no issue.  in fact everything was flying after I did that.  then I went and uninstalled the facebook app with the intent to re-install and see if that clears up some issues I have with it.  NARF!!!!  silver apple of death!  comes up for about a minute, then poo.  nadda, zippo... attaching to the PC gave the same response.  crud.  so now I'm a few minutes away from my phone restore completing and I've realized I've lost a few good pics of the kids, as well as some other tantalizing photographic eye candy ;).  OH NO!!!! the video of Pete singing I'm a Pretty Princess at his Birthday bash! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  Life just isn't fair!!!!!

anywhoo, this little incident occured shortly after I was rendered useless when i discovered it IS possible to Barf from one's ears.  my throat is in sooooo much pain.  I feel like I've been doing bench presses with my esophagus.  god us men are such pussies when we're sick! ;)

and I blew the afternoon assembling a dresser for our front doorway.  I've been converting the closet by our garage entry door into more of a mudroom-kick off your shoes and hang up your crap type area.  it's working out pretty good.  wifey is pleased... mission accomplished.

Raining like BALLS here east of Ottawa.  dunno how the west end is doing but we're keeping pretty wet.  usually we get bypassed by the real nasty weather.  it seems to prefer stomping all over Gatineau acrross the river before it comes back and squashes Rockland east of us.  i'd blame global warming if I believed in it.... well, I do, but I just think that man is just too insignificant to be THE cause.

enjoying a new twist on some 80's favourites. I heard The Outfield's Your Love being played at Boston Pizza when I dropped off the kiddies for a Bday party, but there was something.... different... HUH, where's the drums, where's the electric rif.  ACOUSTIC.  one of my guilty pleasures is when they disassemble an original track and bring out the acoustic guitars.  so I hunted it down.  seems it was part of a rare CD called Acoustic Aid.  luckily I found "80's Hits Stripped" floating around the either and grabbed that.  good bunch of songs, some cheese, but nifty twists on my favorite decade.... the decade that the 90's wishes it was.

well, restore is done, now the sync... oh yeah... last sync was April 12th.  frickin frackin sassifrasin!!!!!

oh well guess I best be off and get some rest.  I WAS looking forward to brunch tomorrow, but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to enjoy it now after this purge.  hopefully I'll be STARVING!!!!!  Mother's Day Brunch at the Warrant Officer and Sergent's Mess in town.  always good eatin there.

doubt I'll be gettin much luvin after the noises I was making.  wish me luck ;)

oh, and for the Starwars fan who's looking for a chuckle, check out this ad from Tom Tom - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ljFfL-mL70

Have a good day sir!


is it just me or is LJ marketing really f'n bored or something.  what's with all the blah blah blah.  and this talk of beta testers.  god help us if they're trying to keep up with facebook in the field of irritating the SH##@ out of they're patrons.

Just sayin' is all.....

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Haha, I thought I was the only one that thought storms and bad weather just skipped the east end

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