OK... Regretting not blogging more.

So it's the second last day in NS and I haven't blogged about it! Luckily I have been taking pics to keep the memories fresh though. Today however was probably my favorite day - second only to the day I accomplished task number one; visiting my best bud Bruce! Miss you already guy!
Today started last night, when I mentioned that I wanted to check out a cafe here in Dartmouth, Two if By Sea. I had seem this cafe profiled in a web series "Common Grounds". Can't wait to see watch the rest of these guys journey across Canada in search of coffee greatness. Anyways, Connor's eyes lit up! "CAFE!!! you mean coffee!?!?!" apparently my boy has become as obsessed with coffee as I have without even having drank more than a few sips. I made the mistake of telling him years ago that he can't start drinking coffee until he's in grade 4; like me! That's when instated getting up in the morning on weekends and turning on the pot for my parents, which quickly changed to me prepping the brew the night before. Yeah... None of us knew better than! Scoop it from the can the night before and hope for the best in the morning. We didn't have a fancy timer brewer when I was a kid. So I became the timer. Started drinking it as well. My parents didn't put up much of a fight. I think it may have settled me at the time. (old time cure for what they label ADHD nowadays.)
So now Connor is going into grade 5. Uh oh. He keeps remembering what I told him.
I get up in the morning and shuffle about, sitting and doing things I won't describe further, when I hear someone talking to Andrea. Then I hear crying. Then I hear "Daddy left without me!!!!" Oh boy... I pipe up. "I'm in the washroom!" "sniff sniff... Oh".
"You gonna get dressed?" BOOM! fastest I've seen the boy move in a long time. Since xmus morning I think. We hop in the car and head down the street. I can't believe how close we were to this place! I got the Zane Special, which is an espresso shot, followed by a Machiato. AMAZING.

Connor got an equally amazing hot chocolate complete with Latte art.

We also got some kick ass prosciutto and cheese croissants. Un freaking believable. Here's Connor enjoying his with his new Sock Monkey Buddy "Peanut Butter".

The sock monkey was a whole story on it's own. At the table beside us was a fella with his two young sons. Cute little fellas. And their eyes were locked on the sock monkey. They even wandered over for a closer look. Of course Connor was as inviting as ever to the youngsters. He likes playing the "awesome big kid" and he's quite good at it. The father was a little apologetic; I quickly eased that by telling him where I got the sock monkeys. I'm quite certain that became his next stop. While they were leaving they walked by the open window we were sitting at; eyes never leaving Connor and Peanut Butter. Connor quickly held up his sock monkey and made it look like he was waving. The lads lit up and waved back with so much enthusiasm, I'm pretty sure the lady at the table beside us on the other side was going to cry. "Oh My God, that is so CUTE!!!". That's my boy. :)

So we finished off our goodies and I went back up to the cash to order a coffee for the road and some hot chocolate and a croissant for the girls. I said to the girl at the cash "I'm in trouble if I come back bragging about this place without some for them." she responded with a smile; "We get that a lot".

We'll be going back tomorrow.

For now, I'll head to dreamland remembering this day and hoping for even better tomorrow. BBQ at my brothers fir our last night in NS. Also a reminder to myself to talk about the river at my Mom's Trailer.


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New TV... Is it Brogging or Blagging

What better reason to get back into the blogging scene then to brag... Hense the query in the subject. Hmmmmmm

Anywhoo. Got me some Futureshop bucks with our years of owning a CIBC Aerogold visa and put it down on a shiny new Sharp Aquos Quattron 46" LED TV. All together now

OH MY!!!

Appears the best I'll get on that one is $100 off. New models are on their way in and with all the badness in Japan, prices for anything with a panel is NOT going down.

Tonight, I rest in giddy anticipation as I will be picking it up tomorrow on the way home. Hoping this headache will give me enough of a break to find comfort. This is some weird ass weather we're seeing in the greater Ottawa area. I was waiting for a frackin twister to form as I'm pretty sure it reached over 20 degrees around supper. Connor came home from a bike ride with tales of sandstorms tearing his face and his buddies legs apart like sharpened pencils.

I really gotta stop saying I should blog more and just do it. ;)

Later... Hopefully not too much later this time.

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Rainy Week Off

So weather has been totally f'n with me this week.  we wanted to hit Calypso Water Park but pretty much every day we thought about it, Thunder Storms.  Weather has just been freakish this week.  I'm curious if the Solar Flare earlier this week is effecting things.  I've seen reports that it DID in fact raise the temp of the earth a bit.  I'm guessing a full global degree or two could definitely cause issues.

Meh,  Hopefully the weather improves Monday for a chance to go with the gang from work.  gonna be awesome... a bunch of 30 somethings acting like foos.  I don't know if we're all 30 something yet, but I'll say it anyways to make myself feel better about almost being 40 something.

Bitchen kitchen... ooooooooh weeee, what up with that, what up with that???  sure there may be some sort of appeal to it if you atch it long enough, which I've yet to do, but the wife has.  It's like "ay oh, I'm really hot, but I'm gonna do myself up like a bronx vampire in a pretty apron... ayyyyy, I'm cookin' 'ere!!!!"  How does someone get the nod with a show like this?  I'm confused... but suspiciously intrigued.  apparently she's been hailed as the Julia Child of the Internet.  hmmmm, we'll give her a chance.

Went to the museum of Natural History today with the Fam.  Sarah won "quote of the day" while we parked and she stepped out of the car leading the way to the museum's front doors as nobody else was sure where to go... follow the 6 year old... "The Museum used to be REALLY boring, so they made it better."  and indeed they did.  they actually have a plethora of exhibits compared to what they had before.  I think the place has been under construction since I moved to Ottawa.

Rogers - From Hell's heart, I stab at thee... For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee..  they have a great relationship with Apple and have succesfuly pissed off about 99% of their existing iPhone users.  I never realized how much of a fanboy I was until I went through withdrawal of the iphone 4... can you call it withdrawal if you haven't had one.  I think I may have mentioned my mistake of fondling a demo a few days ago.  eeerrrggggg....

Diary of a wimpy Kid is a great movie.  It really does seem to dive into the head of the young boy - where those things that seem so important in life, aren't deceptively important yet.  Watching Connor take in the movie was pretty cool.  he loves the books, so to see him in awe of the words being played out was pretty funny.

The more I use Twitter, the more I wish Facebook had less too it.  I think what I'll do for now is post the link to my blog in twitter - which then replicates to facebook through the miracle of television - when I have an update.  hopefully I can quickly figure out the link to a particular entry.  I learn quick, but I prefer things you can quickly learn.

Candied Bacon... hmmmm, you may have piqued my interest Nadia G.

Oooh ooh... Coffee!!!!!

I've been experimenting with a "My Rotisserie".... like so:

It roasts SLOOOOWWWWWWW.  I've read that it reaches about 400 degrees.  Ideally I try to shoot for 450, but the results have been pretty good.  perhaps a slow roast is the way to go.  I may try tweakin but for now I'll play with it as is.  maybe do a little lining to keep the heat closer to the beans.

Order from greenbeanery.ca came in today... about 32 hours after I ordered it.  god I love that company.  box contained 25 lbs of coffee - Kenya, Papua New Guinee what I call "Poor man's Blue Mountain", El Salvador and Costa Rican.  starting with the CR as that's a new one for me.  roasted that up in the device above so it will be good to go some time tomorrow, but I'll likely get to it Sunday.  need to let the coffee rest.  My experience is try for at least 24 hours before brew, otherwise it retains a "green" taste by not degassing enough.

Wipeout... this is better than Family Game Night.  watching people wreck themselves is awesome.  always cringe when some poor gal bends in half the wrong way and kicks herself in the back of the head.  The Big Balls are awesome for that.  I really hope I get to see some friends that have "Said" they applied get on the show.  Kids LOVE this show!  and I think it's probably good to watch because they are probably less likely to try something stupid because it looks like it hurts even if you are landing in water or on 5 feet of cushioning. 

Anyways.  better scoot and get my butt to bed.  hoping for a call from a local Rogers and I'll have to RUN if they do.  fingers crossed.

Good Night and Big Balls!

oooh, ooh... ps - this season of Chuck is going to ROCK.  Dolf Lundgren, and Lou Ferrigno already lined up for guest spots.  sweeeeeet.  The producers of this show soooo watch too much tv in the 80s.  Perfect fit for me.


iPhone LJ app

So if you're anything like me you were wondering... Yay, new LJ app! Better check for the update. Nope. Not there. Perhaps a product of being Canadian and it hasnt trickled to all the app stires yet. Ill wait... And wait... And. Hmmm another message bragging about the new version. Hey look, link to te app store, and it brings up the new version. Wait an minute! Yup. Both Apple and the App developers dropped the ball here. Both versions there as two seperate apps. Fantastic.

Anyways. Loaded it up... On my 3G :( still no iPhone 4. And im impressed. Browsing friends posts and stuff. But i seem to have some of thw same complaints as others. No spell check, and to read coments you have to click a link that opens safari. Hopefully updates will come quicker than this one, but it was quite the jump with functionality. So ill say good work lads!

On the twitter thing. Yeah, concensus seems to be "dont do it". There seems to be talk of a dark time when people were inundated by consolidated Tweets in their friends blog posts. Made for less pleasurable reading. So ill leave it as is and just work on my habbits.

Anywhoo. Not much to rant about other than that. I will mention that i had an Amazing time with the family visiting fit_girl_jessy and her boys for a beach picnic. Impressed some onlookers with my impersonation of a waterlogged flying gingerbread man as i got flung from the tube on the river. Pretty sure my head was submerged 4 or 5 times. I'll try to throw uo some pics soon.

For now, i bid thee goodnight.

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iWANT iPhone!!!!! and Twitter

Me thoughts I could handle the emptiness that I would need to deal with after not acquiring an iPhone 4 today, but the void is too deep.  I made the mistake of fondling a demo unit at the last Rogers store I solicited (Groveled) at tonight.  so thin... so slick... so fast... so camera-ee.  I regret now not being a total fan-boy uber nerd and camping out over night at the Apple Store.  nobody has any clue as to when stock will be refreshed and when they are they'll disappear like ... a really fast... thing... that you tried to catch.. and errr, missed.  yeah.

I could settle for a 16 GB model, and I could have likely grabbed one tonight at the Apple Store, but I'm holding out for a 32.  mainly because of the HD Video.  gonna need space to record lots of embarrassing video of my kids to use as bribes later on in their adolescent life.  Screw the Cloud.  I wanna hoard as much Data as I can.  Storage is cheep, the cloud should just be a backup.  bandwidth aint there yet.  lets not kill the web before it reaches middle age.

Twitter - never liked it until I started following a select few individuals.  @wilw (Wil Wheaton) - still hasn't accepted his fame, but seems to be enjoying the ride. @alyankovic - he had me with a tweet that read "I'm growing a beard for a movie.  I thought it would be cool to show up at Toy Story 3 with one.  @peeweeherman - I mean, come on... Pee Wee Herman.  He's on his way back.  These three actually carry on some fun conversations.  been obsessing about the iphone 4 so I've been able to follow alot of coverage from some good geeky Twits on that exact subject.  which brings me to the point - if you are interested in anything, there's a Twit for it.  Local city alerts, upcoming entertainment inside scoops, news before the news gets it. 

Anyhoo... I gotta get going and setup for an episode of Doctor Who with the wife.  One reason I keep her around.  Hard to find one that will watch the Doctor with you.

Sarah WAS going to have a sleepover tonight, but her friend... as usual... decided at the last minute that she was scared or some crap like that and she doesn't want to stay now... once again... breaking my little girls heart.  I hate seeing her so hurt over such a silly thing, but it's getting quite old.  gonna have to train the wife to avoid the opportunities.  Play dates and kick her out.  meh, we have some family fun on the beach planned for tomorrow anyways.  she'll put it all behind her in no time.

again... Anywhoo... off to setup.  and ponder relentlessly as to how I will obtain the precious iPhone 4.... before the geeky novelty wears thinner.... not likely any time soon.

Good night and BIG BALLS!!!!!!


Hmmmm, so my LJ dedication has been pathetic, but it's a community I wanna stay with. My question to the masses: is there a way to send your twitter tweets to LJ in the form of - a days tweets would come in as an update to a daily blog post. Not a blogpost for every Tweet. Never really got Twitter until recently and I really enjoy just posting quickndirty thoughts as the day progresses. If anyone has a preferred method, shout it out!

Thanks in advance.
PS, twitter alias is the same as here. "weebsurfer".

Goodnight all! Hug someone that loves you! Apparently some people need to be reminded!

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BBQed Coffee

Finally did it.  I've crafted my new coffee roasting apparatus.  I've seen a few posts about the ether about others doing this by either buying a contraption to hook up to their BBQ, or fashion their own out of whatever they can find.  I chose the latter of the two options because I'm a bit of a Macgyver wannabe and I'm also cheap as hell. ;)

So here's the story:

went to Dollarama and bought a couple of unpainted steel or aluminum... whatever... they didn't appear coated... waste paper baskets.  I figured these were just about the perfect size.  it thought it would be as simple as cutting off the top of one of them and squeezing the circle a bit smaller at the top and put the bottom of the second one on to top it off.  errrrrr.... not so much.  tried that and the shape I ended up with was like a really swell cylinder with a hard-on.  ended up having to cut the bottom off both and creating a cylinder out of the basket metal after that.  I wish I took more pics along the process, but here's the first one I thought to take:

at this stage I had just slammed it all together and relied on the rotiserie forks to hold everything in place.
I put one tumbler flap inside that I fashioned out of a piece of the other basket.  This pic is after I had riveted  the other bottom on and actually made a hinged door for easy filling and emptying:

All that was left was figuring out how to keep it closed, so I ran to home depot to grab a couple lock latches, or whatever they're called - too lazy to go look at the package right now :)
so for now, here's the final product... just going to need a little minor grinding to make things fit a little better and perhaps grab or create a couple leaf springs to hold the latches shut.

And here's the results of all my hard work... I only call it hard.  It was pretty fun.  I was all giddy finally getting to use my pop-rivet gun after buying it 2 or 3 years ago ;)

A weeee bit darker then I am used to but not too bad.  actually did a second batch in hopes of mixing a lighter roast with these ones, but ended up missing the point at which I should have taken them out.  they were lighter, but not a light as I wanted.  I'll likley be sharing some beans with some other coffee lovers at work.  a lot of them like a dark roast.

I did a pound at a time with these.  I may get ambitious and try 2 next time.

Anxiously awaiting the outcome offit_girl_jessy 's Race this morning.
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Fixing my crappy walkway, cooking ribs and cub camp.

Good productive weekend.... at least one of the days was.
finally got ambitious yesterday and started lifting the patio stones at the front step.  while pulling up and tipping over the second stone... crrraaacckkkk!!!!  yay. friggin 2 X 3 foot patio stone is not a 1 X 2 and 2 X 2.  luckily I have several smaller stones that I acquired a couple years ago and decided to finally make use of those.  which was good because the remaining 2 stones were rotten on the bottom.  Friggin builders and the bums they contract for these jobs.  the slabs were plopped down on top of nothing but mud, which in turn eventually rotted them.  if they had of put down just a few bags worth of stone down they'd have probably lasted 10 more years, but alas, that would be an added $15 of expense... what am I thinking... I'm buying a house here.  it's all about cutting corners to save a few bucks here and there... and there... and there... and oh yeah, that support beam... yeah,... and don't forget that quality contractor grade primer they put on EVERY THING... including the crappy pillar at my front door that is now peeled and rotten as well.  gaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

Sarah Helping Daddy with the front step.

Anywhoo... through down some black earth, seed and fertilizer in hopes that enough grass will grow and outnumber the weeds that we're no longer allowed to take a direct assult agains because too many people over use, or use incorrectly, weed control.  I miss the look of wilting dandelions. now the field in back of us is overrun with them.... and those prickly little buggers that you need chainmail leather gloves to pick them.  how friggin defensive does a weed have to get!

Golf Wednesday With corto and company was excellent.  as he said... 10th hole became VERY wet, but it blew over enough to start the next hole and by the time we took our second shot there it was over.  phew.  There's a definite pattern evolving with our work golf tournaments... a very wet pattern.

Corto and I enjoying the shelter of our Golf Cart in the rain. Corto observing his awesome skills of capturing the perfect moment... mmmmhmmm ;)

Speaking of which... pictures... Gotta sync the phone.... grrrrr, there's gotta be a way to cut back the backup time of my iphone.  seriously!  why backup everything if I have my full library on my PC anyways?  gotta be a setting I'm too lazy to look for.

dehydration sucks.  lifting those 2 X 3 stones and walking them to the back yard one by one at the end of the job gave me the most painful muscle cramp my arms have EVER experienced!!!!!  

Tomorrow is a day off for me.  second of 2 compressed days that I was owed from a month or two ago.  I had plans to plan out a good productive / lazy day, but the planning process never really happened.  instead I crashed on the couch after supper.

Supper was WONDERFUL.  took some advice of a friend on the process of cooking RIBS.  wrapped them up in foil after a good dose of rub and set them at 250 F for a few hours, at which point them are ready to slather with sauce and throw on the grill.  friggin FELL off the bone.  I had to be careful flipping them on the grill.  one bone just flew out and down into the depths of BBQ hell.  they were GREAT.  I really must work on a rub recipe of my own though. 

PS, my new apron ROCKS!
My new Apron ROCKS! Sis-in-law got a feebee and though of me. ;)

Picked up the boy from Cub Camp this morning.  luckily we arrived early and avoided the big rush which involved hundreds of parents being told to pick up their bundles of joy at 11:00... what a circus that was.  glad to leave it behind when we did.  So even though they got rained on all weekend, the lads had a great time.  Connor was NOT happy about going on friday.  it took some convincing and bribing and threatening, but he eventually changed his mood, especially when we convinced him that they would not just be "Talking about trees" all weekend ;)  yup, the Beaver / Cub camp last month was NOT fun.

anywhoo.  gotta finish off this day and crawl into bed... see if I can trick the wife into a little snuggle time.

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A truely sucky saturday night...

It appears I may have caught a case of iphone-f@#$-up-itis.  I've been running the black rain hack on my phone for as long as it's been available for the previous firmware - been avoiding the new firmware.  it breaks the hack :(  anywhoo.  I've had very little problems with it, but I have been tolerating the speed of the phone.  there's a bit of a performance hit with the winterboard themes.  makes things look cool, and you can tweak the heck out of the interface, but sloooooowwwwww response times on that weee little home button.

I removed Winterboard earlier today with no issue.  in fact everything was flying after I did that.  then I went and uninstalled the facebook app with the intent to re-install and see if that clears up some issues I have with it.  NARF!!!!  silver apple of death!  comes up for about a minute, then poo.  nadda, zippo... attaching to the PC gave the same response.  crud.  so now I'm a few minutes away from my phone restore completing and I've realized I've lost a few good pics of the kids, as well as some other tantalizing photographic eye candy ;).  OH NO!!!! the video of Pete singing I'm a Pretty Princess at his Birthday bash! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  Life just isn't fair!!!!!

anywhoo, this little incident occured shortly after I was rendered useless when i discovered it IS possible to Barf from one's ears.  my throat is in sooooo much pain.  I feel like I've been doing bench presses with my esophagus.  god us men are such pussies when we're sick! ;)

and I blew the afternoon assembling a dresser for our front doorway.  I've been converting the closet by our garage entry door into more of a mudroom-kick off your shoes and hang up your crap type area.  it's working out pretty good.  wifey is pleased... mission accomplished.

Raining like BALLS here east of Ottawa.  dunno how the west end is doing but we're keeping pretty wet.  usually we get bypassed by the real nasty weather.  it seems to prefer stomping all over Gatineau acrross the river before it comes back and squashes Rockland east of us.  i'd blame global warming if I believed in it.... well, I do, but I just think that man is just too insignificant to be THE cause.

enjoying a new twist on some 80's favourites. I heard The Outfield's Your Love being played at Boston Pizza when I dropped off the kiddies for a Bday party, but there was something.... different... HUH, where's the drums, where's the electric rif.  ACOUSTIC.  one of my guilty pleasures is when they disassemble an original track and bring out the acoustic guitars.  so I hunted it down.  seems it was part of a rare CD called Acoustic Aid.  luckily I found "80's Hits Stripped" floating around the either and grabbed that.  good bunch of songs, some cheese, but nifty twists on my favorite decade.... the decade that the 90's wishes it was.

well, restore is done, now the sync... oh yeah... last sync was April 12th.  frickin frackin sassifrasin!!!!!

oh well guess I best be off and get some rest.  I WAS looking forward to brunch tomorrow, but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to enjoy it now after this purge.  hopefully I'll be STARVING!!!!!  Mother's Day Brunch at the Warrant Officer and Sergent's Mess in town.  always good eatin there.

doubt I'll be gettin much luvin after the noises I was making.  wish me luck ;)

oh, and for the Starwars fan who's looking for a chuckle, check out this ad from Tom Tom - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ljFfL-mL70

Have a good day sir!


is it just me or is LJ marketing really f'n bored or something.  what's with all the blah blah blah.  and this talk of beta testers.  god help us if they're trying to keep up with facebook in the field of irritating the SH##@ out of they're patrons.

Just sayin' is all.....
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